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New Year's Day 2021


We are so pleased to have turned our back on 2020 – although sad that we weren’t able to welcome our guests who were looking forward to a well earned holiday from all that 2020 has brought to the world.  Hopefully, vaccines will mean that everyone will now be able to look forward to a holiday at Morin in 2021/22 instead of the hamster-wheel type of existence that we have all had to contend with.

Trying to take something positive out of this ghastly situation we have been able to enjoy Morin ourselves – its not a bad place to enjoy Tier 4, Lock-down or a curfew.  Autumn started with a wonderful orange and yellow carpet on the floor of the beech forest walks when we were limited to 1km and essential shopping only excursions.  In early winter there was a real sense of release when we could roam up to 20km and enjoy mountain walks up to the Swiss border. Since Christmas Eve we have been surrounded by billowing carpets of snow – and although the lifts are closed to skiers we are delighting in giving our snowshoes regular outings.  There are so many snowshoe trails to follow and wonderful off-piste routes to discover, with the help of local guides, that we haven’t yet missed putting on our downhill skis or felt the need to re-visit the Nordic skiing trails.  We’ve discovered Morzine has so much more than downhill skiing on offer.   It feels more of a privilege than a punishment being here.

We wish everyone well for the next few months – wherever you are and hope that we will be able to welcome guests, old and new, back to Morin in 2021.

Stay safe


The Secret Garden Supper Club









Having peeked out of the Covid-19 carapace to check our social distancing and hygiene protocols we are happy to report that Morin is welcoming guests again this summer –  keen to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains after a long lock-down.

Morin’s garden is the main attraction at the moment.  A unique, secluded 1/2 acre of tree-lined garden to enjoy safely – whether it is a pre-dinner drink in the sun set, dining on the deck or just enjoying the safety of being outside with friends and family.

Meeting up with friends

We’re very happy to be working with Bon App – our local bespoke caterers – so that we can offer a sublime evening in the garden with cocktails and canapés followed by one of their wonderful three course evening meals.  Whether its a small dinner for six or a special occasion celebration for up to 50 – the combination of Bon App and Morin’s hospitality creates a truly magical experience.

Morin was built as a family home  – and it really does feel like that now – safe and secure.  We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our home from home for both summer and winter 2020.

If you would like to come and enjoy an evening in The Secret Garden get in touch Tamsin or Michelle to check availability.

Abrupt end to a wonderful winter season

There we were,  cruising along,  basking in the delights of a great season at Morin, and suddenly,  from left field,  came the overnight emergency stop – Coronavirus and all its implications.

Lock Down.  Flights and transfers were booked, cancelled and re-booked.  Lunches seemingly conjured up out of nowhere for guests and staff. Although some did seem to enjoy being stuck in the garden with Schnoodle Clive….. Olivia and her team were busy juggling the comfort, safety and return of guests whilst keeping the staff safe before getting everyone home.  All done at lightening speed with no time to say goodbye and proper thank yous to staff and guests alike.

A winter season to remember, 2020BC welcoming both new and returning guests to Morin – all too swiftly followed by 2020 AC and, sadly,  those new and returning guests who did not manage to get to Morin – we are disappointed for everyone.  Fingers crossed we will all survive and be able to visit Morin another day.

This is our Morin Clap to all of you.  When we do emerge from this Covid-19 carapace – let’s start afresh. In the meantime – Stay at Home.  Then come and stay with us at Morin – enjoy the delights of the chalet, our very special Morzine community and the beautiful mountains all around.

Keep Safe.


Tree-mendous summer comes to an end

It’s already October! We’ve been tidying up after a very busy summer of guests and activities –  ranging from early riser Triathlon competitors to Mont Blanc Rally spectators. – Very noisy – the rally that is.

We had another visitor that we hadn’t expected – a 17 minute tornado that decided to visit us at the end of June which felled an old Morin friend. A giant spruce tree that had nestled next to The Green House for at least 65 years. It came down at the same time as other trees in the area blocked the main road,  but miraculously ours fell within a whisker of The Green House and barely brushed the main terrace – all 30 tons of it.  The second miracle is that there is now no sign whatsoever of the damage that this old feller caused in the garden. The new grass seems to grow as you look at it and will be in fine form for summer wedding and B&B guests at Morin in 2020.

But it’s the winter guests we are now looking forward to.  We’ve done some more works to Morin to make everyone even more comfortable – creating a little more space around the dining table, some new soft seating and putting in oak flooring into Clover and Blossom and re-modelling Clover’s bathroom.  All with the help of our builder/friend/rally driver –  can you see our logo on his MG?

There’s already been a dusting of snow on the mountains so we’re all looking forward to a great winter, welcoming new and returning guests, new and returning staff and – a chance to welcome Olivia’s baby too!

15 June 2019

8 October 2019